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Welcome to The Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, where we blend academic excellence with a profound commitment to animal welfare, agricultural production, and technological innovation. Founded with a dedicated mission to enhance expertise in animal health, production, and technology, our institution has been a pivotal hub for education and research in these domains since 1964. Our college cultivates a dynamic community of learners, researchers, and practitioners united in our resolve to confront the intricate challenges within the animal health ,production and technological sector. To prospective students, faculty, researchers, and industry partners alike, we extend a warm invitation to delve into our rich history, innovative programs, and steadfast commitment to advancing animal health, agricultural practices, production and technology.


To be a world-class training institution in the area of science and modern agricultural development technology in a changing environment.


To contribute to the development of Nigeria through training of qualitative manpower by adequate exposure to sound theoretical background, practical, farm and field demonstrations as well as knowledge capacity development for staff.


Educational Focus

The main objective is to train graduates proficient in science and agriculture while instilling strong moral values, aiming for them to become self-employed entrepreneurs in these fields.

Collaborative Efforts

Building connections and partnerships with policymakers, research institutes, and training institutions is crucial for fostering innovation and progress within the sector.

Infrastructure Development

The initiative involves establishing and managing modernized livestock farms, veterinary clinics, and diagnostic laboratories to ensure the health and productivity of agricultural resources.

Technical Training

Skilled technicians trained in preventive measures and advisory services for livestock, fisheries, and crops are key to boosting agricultural efficiency and sustainability. This training program prioritizes their development.

Capacity Building

To stay relevant and tackle future challenges, science and agriculture professionals need ongoing support through capacity-building programs like outreach, training, and continuous education.

Youth Empowerment

Creating opportunities for youth development and empowerment through entrepreneurial ventures and home economics activities underscores the commitment to cultivating a new generation of skilled and motivated individuals who can contribute to the growth and prosperity of the sector.

Strategic Goals of FCAHPTIB

FCAPTIB aims to contribute significantly to Nigeria’s development by training human resources in science and agriculture. Additionally, it aims to produce morally upright, professionally skilled, and entrepreneurial graduates at the National and Higher National Diploma levels to foster sustainable agriculture, science, and rural development in the country.

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