Entrepreneurship Development Center

Entrepreneurship Development Centre commenced students training activities in 2012during the tenure of Dr.A. M. Raji as thethen Provost of the College. The PioneerDirector of the center was Dr. K. J.Nwufoh followed by Dr.O. J. Osayomi. The current Director of the center is Dr. A. M Raji assisted by Dr. O. F. Adekunle. The Director is supported by a team of Committee members who monitorand coordinates each vocation/unit.

Aims and Objectives

Entrepreneurship Development Centre is a training center where students are given the opportunity to pick a vocation of their choice for skill acquisition. Skill Acquisition is a unit course, though an elective but compulsory as it is a pre-requisite for graduation. Mission of EDC is to produce well trained and professionally skillful students that are proficient in Vocational Skills.

Departmental Staffs

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