HND Animal Production Technology

The use of technology in the commercial rearing of animals is known as “animal production.” This covers marketing, housing, breeding, and feeding. Making the financial arrangements required for each enterprise’s effective operation in light of the market circumstances for the sale of the finished products is the most crucial factor.

Aims and Objectives

For those wishing to pursue the majority of animal science careers, a basic understanding of topics including genetics, microbiology, nutrition, physiology, reproduction, and animal behavior and management is required. Farm animals in the following categories are included in the study of animal production: poultry (chickens, guinea pigs, ostriches, quails, turkeys, ducks, geese, pigeons, etc.), micro-livestock (rabbits, guinea pigs, snails apiculture, grass cutter, etc.), and pets (dogs, cats, etc.). Animal Breeding and Genetics, Reproductive and Environmental Physiology, Animal Nutrition, Agricultural Biochemistry, Animal Production and Management, Animal Products, Processing and Handling, Pasture/forage Production and Rangeland Management, Micro-livestock Production are among the specializations available to graduates of Animal Production who want to pursue postgraduate studies.

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