ND Animal Health and Production Technology

The ND Animal Health and Production Technology Department was established in 1964. The department has a high profile members of staff ranging from Lecturers, Technologists and Administrative staff who are diligent and committed to progress of the Department.

Aims and Objectives

Acquiring a National Diploma in Animal Health and Production Technology will provide students knowledge and skills essential for primary processing and preparation of livestock products. Also, at the end of the program, Graduate Technicians will be capable of carrying out routine preventive measures, livestock inspection and follow-up prescribed veterinary medical treatments. Knowledge from this field, will meet the needs of farmers Agro-allied Industries, Pharmaceutical and Government Agencies. They also have opportunity to use their results to apply for direct entry in university of their choice to study related courses such as Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Health and Production Technology. Records have it that most of them who are now in universities are performing excellently in their various fields of discipline. Some career prospects in this field are; Poultry Manager, Swine Manager, Animal Feed and Medicine Merchandise, Cattle farm Manager, Dairy Plant Manager etc.

Departmental Staffs

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